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CHEQUE1 is a premier Check and ACH processing service provider. We have been providing merchants with check processing solutions for over 7 years. We can provide a check processing service for just about any business. Over 1.1 million checks bounce in the US every day.

Are bad check writers stealing your profits? CHEQUE1 can provide your business with a cost effective method to reduce or eliminate the number of bad check that are taken by your company. We can also provide your company with a timesaving method to verify and deposit check and ACH transaction while eliminating your need to actually go to the bank. We can also provide your business with any credit card processing needs through our parent company Card One International, including credit card processing for retail, mail order, wireless, and mobile merchants. With Card One International, we can provide your business with the best prices, best support, and best service in the industry. Give us a call today to see what we can do for your business.




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