Check Verification Services

CHEQUE1 Check Verification searches a nationwide database of over 120 million checking accounts and alerts you if your customer has written bad checks. The service also protects you from returned checks by identifying consumers who have recently been conducting an unusual level of check-writing activity.


  • Low cost way to avoid bad checks before you accept them.
  • Customized to your store.
  • Nation-wide database of check writers.


  • CHEQUE1 Check Verification lets you verify a check in real time.
  • CUEQUE1 check data is provided by 260 collection agencies across the nation.
  • Fast and inexpensive precaution at the point of sale or over the Internet.
  • More likely to identify problem check writers than competing services.
  • Uses the National Check Network® (NCN®) database containing 120 million checking accounts.


  • Identifies negative data (accounts with unpaid returned checks).
  • Descriptive responses right on your point-of-sale terminal explain problems or warnings, if any.
  • High check volume is flagged to identify potential fraud accounts (data indicating unusual/suspicious use of account).
  • Easy for your staff to learn and use.

(CHEQUE1 Check Verification does not check a consumer’s account for funds availability.)




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