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Need Electronic Check Converstion With Verification?
The CHEQUE1 Silver Program Is Your Answer

Our CHEQUE1 Silver program is a convenient and inexpensive option for merchants that don't have a bad check problem but like the benefits of ECC. Your customers checks will still be processed electronically, but without the comfort of a guarantee. With CHEQUE1 Silver no time is wasted handling paper checks and deposit slips.

The CHEQUE1 Silver Service:

  1. Customer writes a check and presents proper ID
  2. The check is run through a check reader or imager, and the amount of the sale is entered into the terminal along with a driver's license number.
  3. When the transaction is approved an authorization receipt will print for the check-writer to sign.
  4. The check is stamped "ACH Processed", and the check along with a copy of the receipt is given back to the check-writer for their records.
  5. Funds are then electronically transferred into the merchant's account within 72 hours.
  6. Merchant will not be funded on checks that do not clear the ACH network or are returned.



  • Call for more information: 1-800-815-1881
  • Or, send an e-mail message to




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