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Need To Automatically Debit Consumers Checking Accounts On A Regular Basis? The CHEQUE1 Recurring Billing Program Is Your Answer

Our Recurring Billing Program gives our customers a low cost solution to retrieve consumers ongoing monthly payments. The recurring transactions are automatically initiated to cut down on time it takes to process payments individually. No additional software or terminal is needed. There are no discount percentages to pay, so it is less expensive than accepting and running credit cards on a continuous basis.

The CHEQUE1 Recurring Billing Service:

  1. Merchant will acquire the customer's checking account information, amount, and frequency of debits.
  2. Merchant must obtain signed written authorization form from customer. (we can provide a template)
  3. NO driver's license is required.
  4. Merchant will log on to web interface to input all data.
  5. Check Processing Company will automatically initiate transactions when the next payment anniversary date arrives.
  6. Recurring debit transactions must be for the same amount every month and cannot vary in amount.
  7. Online reporting will let merchant know which transactions are returned within 3-4 days.
  8. Merchant will be funded on all cleared transactions in 5 business days.
  9. Check Processing Company can automatically resubmit NSF items 2 additional times.



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