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Need Electronic Check Conversion With Guarantee?

CHEQUE1 Gold plan greatly reduces the cost, time, and risks associated with check acceptance at the point-of-sale (POS).Check Conversion converts paper checks into electronic items, so you don’t have to deposit checks at your bank. This means that you get your money faster and you can detect problems with specific accounts sooner.

The CHEQUE1 Gold Program Is Your Answer

Our guaranteed electronic check conversion program eliminates retruned checks and bank NSF fees. With 48-hour funding, the check-writer still receives the benefit of a 2-day float, just like standard paper checks. No time is wasted handling paper checks and deposit slips, 24X7 online reporting, as well as quality customer service and technical support are all the reasons CHEQUE1 Gold makes accepting checks hassle free!!

The CHEQUE1 Gold Service:

  1. Customer writes a check and presents proper ID
  2. The check is run through a check reader or imager, and the amount of the sale is entered into the terminal.
  3. When the transaction is approved an authorization receipt will print for the check-writer to sign.
  4. The check is stamped "ACH Processed", and the check along with a copy of the receipt is given back to the check-writer for their records.
  5. Funds are then electronically transferred into the merchant's account within 48 hours, just like a credit card.
  6. Transaction will appear on the check-writer's bank statement, by merchant's name, check number, and amount of transaction.
  7. The merchant no longer has the hassle of returned checks and/or bank fees.


  • Simplified handling – No listing and balancing of checks and no deposits at your bank.
  • Faster funds availability (48-72 hours) than is usually available with paper checks.
  • Checks are electronically deposited.
  • Monthly activity statements and on-line reporting available.
  • On-line viewing of checks allows you to research returned items.
  • Highest approvals in the industry
  • Terminal, phone and Internet approval systems
  • 24/7/365 customer service at no additional charge
  • Simple claim submittal
  • State-of-the-art authorization technology
  • Acceptance of checks from the U.S., all U.S. territories and Canada
  • Premium programs for additional coverage
  • Approval on business check



  • Call for more information: 1-800-815-1881
  • Or, send an e-mail message to




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